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Heat Pumps

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Heat Pump

An air source heat pump (ashp) is a device that uses a vapor compression cycle that makes it possible to absorb heat from one place and eject it into another place. An ASHP can work to cool the home or heat the home. Most of Humboldt counties climate is heating only and our mild climate makes air source heat pumps very efficient at extracting heat down below 0 degrees Fahrenheit without the use of back up electric heaters. A heat pump is about 300% efficient. The reason for this is we are able to take 2 kilowatts of FREE heat from the air and 1 kilowatt of electricity to produce 3 kilowatts of heat(with no heat to go up the flue pipe!)

Scurfield Solar and Heating offers the following types of heat pump installations.

Air to water heat pumps: This technology takes heat from the surrounding air and transfers it via a heat exchanger to water. This heated water can be used in

  • Radiant floor heating
  • Room by Room fan coils
  • European style radiators

The key to air to water heat pumps is keeping the supply water temperature to the heat emitter low as air to water heat pump operate most efficiently at supply water temperatures 100 to 120 degree Fahrenheit.

Air to air heat pumps: This technology takes heat from the air and transfers that heat to an air handling device. This can be ducted or unducted.

  • Minisplit (no ducts, one room)
  • Multisplit (no ducts, multiple rooms)
  • Ducted (air handler in garage or attic)

Scurfield Solar and Heating custom designs every system and performs a complete heat load and duct/radiant design. Your Comfort is our primary objective!

Heat Pumps FAQs

Do heat pumps work with solar?

Yes, PV systems can be used to provide the electrical input to run a heat pump and solar hot water can help with air to water heat pumps.

What is HSPF?

HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. The higher the HSPF the more efficient the unit is. HSPF is a ratio of BTU(heat) output compared to electricity used.

Are they noisy?

Air source heat pumps consist of two components, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Outdoor units are about 50-70 decibels and indoor units are a quiet whisper.

Are heat pumps efficient?

Heat pumps are very efficient. They are in the 300 to 400% efficiency range. They are able to use 3 to 4 kW of outside air and combine it with 1 kW of electricity to produce 3 to 4 kW of heat for the home.