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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Efficient Water Heater and Gas Furnace

Heat Recovery Ventilator for Indoor Air Quality

Aside from our radiant heating systems and heat pump systems (which can also operate as an air conditioner for inland areas) we also offer a full line of efficient gas furnaces, hydronic fan coils and whole house filtration systems.

All of our HVAC systems are custom designed. We don't cut any corners when it comes to your comfort and health. We can also perform duct evaluation, duct blaster test and blower door tests.

As we tighten up our homes by insulating and air sealing we must address our indoor air quality. Scurfield Solar & Heating offers HRV's (Heat Recovery Ventilators) and add on filtration that can capture pollen, mold and dust mites.

Most of our HVAC components integrate with solar energy systems.


What is the best type of furnace to install?

We sell furnaces with efficiency over 90 %. Most of Humboldt County’s climates are so mild that it is important the furnace will modulate down as much as possible.

How do you size a furnace for my home?

We conduct a complete heat load calculation and assess your current ducts. From there we can correctly size the unit that fits your needs.

Can I control my system remotely?

We sell thermostats that can be on/off, programmable or web enabled units.

Can you add extra filtration?

After your duct assessment we can give you options for filtering the air. We offer filtration that can kill bacteria and mold spores as well as filtration that can bring in fresh air for newer tightly constructed homes.

Can I zone my forced air system?

We can zone forced air systems. There is a lower limit that the furnace can put out so we are careful to stay within design parameters. We typically like to zone bedrooms and living areas separately.

I live in an area that utilizes air conditioning. Can you do that?

All of our heat pumps and mini split heat pumps are also air conditioners.