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Solar Thermal Incentive Increase

In early July the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved an adjustment to the incentive structure of the general market CSI-Thermal Program. Most significantly, the Step-1 incentive rate for single-family residential customers was increased by 45% (to $2,719) and the Step-1 incentive rate for commercial/multifamily customers was increased by 13.33% (to $500,000). The average residential system installed receives a rebate in the amount of $2,175.

Systems that were installed after July 3, 2012 will receive the adjusted rebate amount automatically from the utility. However systems installed before July 4, 2012 will not qualify for the increased incentive.

There has never been a better time to install Solar Thermal! This efficient and versatile technology can be designed to heat your home, your pool, and your domestic hot water with a renewable energy source. In addition to the CSI – Solar Thermal Incentive, homeowners and businesses qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. After these incentives are applied, a $12,000 residential domestic hot water system would cost only $6,225. If you are considering installing solar thermal, call Scurfield Solar & Heating to schedule a site visit today 707-825-0759.