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Some Of Our Recent Projects:

Humboldt Area Foundation’s Leavy Ranch

Location: Blue Lake, CA

We recently installed a 3-zone Daikin 48 K BTU/HR mini-split Heat Pump with floor mounted indoor units at Humboldt Area Foundation’s (HAF) magnificent Leavy Ranch.

According to HAF’s Facebook page, James Leavey donated his family's 240-acre ranch in Blue Lake to the Foundation to support education and research in perpetuity. The ranch is available to Humboldt State University students and other researchers to conduct hands-on fish, wildlife, agricultural and forestry research.

Eide Residence

Location: Bayside, CA

Here are some photos from our recent installation of a 7.28 kW grid tied solar electric system. Each panel is monitored individually through the wireless internet to monitor performance.

In addition to using solar energy to supply her home, Karin is preparing to use solar energy to supply her needs for her soon-to-be Grade A licensed farmstead goat cheese production. She will be commissioning her new business, Spring Hill Farmstead Goat Cheese, LLC, next year and her cheese is delicious. She has been practicing and learning to make a wonderful array of cheeses for the palette. I know from having the opportunity to taste them. She is a close friend. Look for her cheeses in the future.

Krueger Residence

Location: Myrtletown, CA

This recent installation of a 1.82 kW grid tied solar electric system consists of seven Canadian Solar 260W panels that have been paired with Enphase Micro-Inverters and an Envoy Monitoring System. Below is a wonderful review our customers sent us......

"We were very impressed with how smoothly our solar installation went!
Ben did a fantastic job of keeping us up-to-date regarding progress on all phases. His installation crew were amazing to both watch and interact with. They were very conscientious while inside the house using drop cloths and shoe covers, and picking up after themselves.
Additionally, they obviously love what they're doing and were very knowledgeable when asked questions. After the "switch" was flipped, Ben was there to explain everything. The Krueger's would most definitely recommend Ben and his gang for your solar needs."

Gerdtz Residence

Location: Humboldt Hill, CA

This 4.34 kW system consists of 17 Canadian Solar 255 Watt  panels with 17 Enphase Micro-Inverters and an Envoy Monitoring System.

Our customer quote on Yelp....

"Ben and crew just completed the installation of 17 solar panels on our roof. Ben was great to work with, explained everything, kept us informed along the way and did all the on-line P.G. & E. interconnection paperwork for us (we just had to sign). We had to put a new roof on before the installation and he did a great job coordinating with the roofing company to install the mounts. Ben's crew is also great, kept us informed of what they were working on and answered any questions we had - everyone seems to love what they are doing. System is up and running and we are having fun monitoring the energy we are producing on-line."

Gold Residence

Location: Trinidad, CA

This was a Radiant remodel job.  We took out the old boiler and replaced it with a highly efficient one. We took down all the insulation under the house and installed new heat transfer pans and insulation. The floors are warm and the system is humming along beautifully.

Julie Joynt Residence

Location: Trinidad, CA

This 4.8 kW grid tied solar electric system consists of 22 solar panels, 22 Enphase micro-inverters, a Unirac racking system and Envoy Communication.  It was a pleasure working with Julie in such an incredible location.  Here is what Julie had to say about working with Scurfield Solar & Heating:

"Ben Scurfield and his team of workers were efficient and precise with their work, while patient all the while with all our questions and enthusiasm about Going Solar!

At Ben's suggestion we installed an Enphase Gateway System which allows him to monitor any possible future system problems, while providing us with hour-by hour data and information about each panel in the solar array and how it is currently performing. For myself this is a great way to learn and hardly a day goes by without checking it on an iPad or computer!.

Having high energy consumption on our property, my goal was to bring PG&E rates down a tier or two and this already has more than proved itself to be possible - and it's only April! The solar array is roof-mounted and not visible from the front of the house, but we have a view from one upstairs room and Ben did a beautiful installation which is a treat to look out at!"

Wintersun Residence

Location: Eureka, CA

4.0 kW PV system
16 Canadian Solar 250
16 Enphase 215 MicroInverters

16 Canadian Solar panels were added to the existing systems we installed to power the new Chevy Spark EV.

Ryerson Residence

Location: Arcata, CA

Last year we installed a 2.55 kW grid tied solar electric system consisting of 10 - 255 watt SolarWorld photovoltaic panels and 10 Enphase Microinverters.

This year we moved them even closer to a Net Zero home with a Daikin 24K BTU Sky Air Heat Pump and a ducted air handler.

Scurfield Residence

Location: Eureka, CA

Ben's house is one step closer to being a Zero Net Home with his new Heat pump.  It works great together with his solar electric system.

Love Residence

Location: Bayside, CA

This 4.36 kW system has panels on five roofs in order to get the most panels as possible to cover the family's electricity needs.  

Tish Non Village Community Center Solar Hot Water

Location: Loleta, CA

Six Velux solar thermal collectors are mounted on the roof of the Tish Non Village Community Center. These are connected to two Pheonix Solar Hot Water tanks, that service a kitchen, the bathrooms and other utilities in the Community Center.