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Water Heaters

The Highest Performing Hot Water Systems in the Industry

Water Heaters

Using higher efficiency water heaters, you can expect to save 20 to 30% on your water heating bills. As gas/electric prices continue to rise, you will see even more savings.

Scurfield Solar & Heating Offers:

  • tankless heaters
  • condensing tank heaters
  • heat pumps
  • hybrid water heaters
  • recirculation pumps

All of our systems are solar compatible!

Water Heater FAQs

Why use a high efficiency water heater?

The most common water heater is an atmospheric gas water heater. These units are very inefficient. A large amount of heat ends up going right up the flue pipe. If you currently have this type of water heater, place your hand on the flue pipe and feel the heat (and the money your pocketbook) slowly slipping away!

All of our systems are solar compatible!
What type of water heaters do you install?

WE sell 4 main type of water heaters. 

1. Heat pump water heater

2. Condensing Tank less water heater

3. Condensing tank

4. Hybrid gas water heater

A heat pump water heater extracts heat from air and exchanges it to the water through a copper heat exchanger. Keep in mind that a heat pump water heater will cool the space it is in by a few degree's and will pull moisture from the space so a garage is usually the best space for these water heaters.Heat pumps are the same size as most standard 50 gallon water heaters and require a 240 Volt circuit This system will integrate seamlessly with photovoltaic panels and solar hot water.

A tank less water heater uses natural gas, propane or electricity to heat water very efficiently by passing the water by a heat exchanger and absorbing the heat for it intended use. They integrate well with solar hot water systems. Because of the high efficiency of these units the flue gases are so cool that condensation occurs. This condensate is slightly acidic and should be drained to outdoors.Tank less electric heaters are best suited to point of use applications as they are a large electric draw for a short amount of time.

A tank style condensing water heater uses natural gas or propane. They look much like a normal water heater except that they have a secondary heat exchanger and are power vented. 

A hybrid gas water heater is a tank less water with a small 2-5 gallon buffer tank. The buffer makes the water heater cycle less often and prevents the" cold water sandwich" common with tank less water heaters causes by turning the water off and back on during washing or bathing.