EV Charging Stations

EV charging stations

We offer the installation of home electric vehicle (EV) chargers in two types smart and non-smart chargers:

Smart Chargers

You can utilize a wifi app to know when your car is charged, set reminders to plug your car in and track your history and energy usage. Smart charger brands include Charge Point or Juice Box.

Non-smart Chargers

These charges don't have the same bells and whistles as smart chargers, but they are robust, reliable and brands include Clipper Creek.

We install standard J1772 chargers that operate at 240 volts and are in the 30 to 40 amp range, which is the size of a stove or water heater circuit. This equates to 30 to 40 miles of charge per hour or at 250 miles of range, that's 6 to 8 hours of charge.

EV Charging station installed

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